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The Skelton’s 12 Years Later



            When I first met Samantha Skelton, I thought she was the chillest, most relaxed medical assistant I’ve ever seen!  She was just sitting indian style (with her tiny self) in a tall bar office chair at a pod in Dr. Wolf’s clinic.  Her patients are testy at times, but it never is too much for her while she takes care of “Bidness.”  Her family, just as sweet and country as she is, likes to go to the lake and go mudding whenever they get a chance.  They definitely are not afraid to get a little dirty!

            Samantha and Richard’s children, Jamie and Wesley are precious and full of energy.  They were into the photo taking and loved drawing on the chalkboard!  Poor Wesley just broke his arm two weeks after our photo session and had to come up to his mommy’s work at Tabor Orthopedics. He was so brave the whole time through his X-Ray and getting his cast put on.  He even rode his bike, not even a day after.

He is a tough kid I tell ya!!  Hope you feel better soon, Wesley, so we can go mudding again real soon!!



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Memphis Zoo


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Chelsea Hopper and Cato




Chelsea Hopper has been riding horses since she could sit up and her momma could tie her on.  These are photos of two saddles that she won last year barrel racing.  Jerry Tolbert, has always said that Chelsea likes to do everything, “Wide open.”  That is the best description of her and her horse, Cato, who loves to give her hell and act crazy most of the time.  She sure knows how to make Cato straiten up when it counts!


June photobombing!


My favorite picture!

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Real men hold your horse while you go chance!

Real men hold your horse while you go change

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