Meet the Photographer



Hi!  I’m Angie!  I have lived in Memphis, Tennessee for most of my life and have taken pictures since I was a little girl.  I have always been facinated by other people’s lives and would always try to capture them by drawing or taking pictures.  Since I am only good at one of those two things,  I have decided to take my photography hobby a little further.  Thank you for taking the time to see my photographs and having an interest in what I do!

This is my husband, Cody.  He always supports me with everything I try to accomplish whether it is singing a little off key while playing guitar or taking pictures of anything and everything..  He definitely puts up with a lot!

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Wedding photo credits by Angie Hammond @

These are our little fur children who are spoiled more than most kids.  We call them Sadie and June.  Our Doberman, Sadie was rescued from a horrible puppy mill when she was sixteen weeks old (Puppy mill owner said she was only eight weeks old!).  She was an anniversary present that I didn’t even want to hold because I was afraid I was going to break her..  The previous owner had all different breeds of dog in her car and the smell was aweful.  I can’t describe the love and loyalty that Sadie has shown us everyday since we picked her up from Jackson, Tennessee.  She is the smartest dog that we have ever had and you can tell that she knows what we have done for her.  We thank God for putting this Angel in our life everyday!  June, our Blue Healer is our other blessing from Cody’s family. June’s Mother, Brother, and Father all live at their home and we see them every Tuesday for family night.  It is always a highlight of our week to see all the healers together and get to spend time with our family.